TV Advertising

We are a diverse team of creatives with an abundance of knowledge and experience ensuring your message is heard by targeted key audiences, using effective visual tools. By producing a direct creative TV commercial, Video Ads, or indirect Episode Interviews with your key business team between our shows, we will help you to tell a powerful story of your business and send your message more easily and simply to millions of audiences. We promise to exceed our client’s expectations at all times. Moving ideas, moving products, and moving audiences to the action! Check out below and find the 3 easy steps of being part of our TV  network. 

Step 1: Pre Production

To be a part of our TV network, the first step is to fill out the Advertising Application Form. Once we receive your application form, we will begin the process of researching and understanding your business to establish a common goal and outcome. After that, we will write a short advertising script and await your confirmation before moving on to the next step.

Step 2: Production

It’s time to record your Video production in a way that relays your business message to achieve the results you are after. We understand that video is the most powerful tool to market your business, boost your search engine rankings, and is an effective way to increase customer engagement. Therefore, we will provide a professional team and equipment to record quality Advertising for your business.

Step 3: Post Production

The final step is about bringing your Ad to life using catchy music, interesting texts, effects, engaging animation, and narration. Your finished Ad will then be broadcast between our TV shows to reach your desired audience. You will also have the copyright to upload your Ad on your website and social media platforms to target your key audiences and skyrocket your brand’s growth.

TV Ad Samples

Did you know that TV Advertising has the power to grow your business more than any other media? Our marketing program will show you how affordable our direct TV Advertising is for your business. Direct advertising includes a message of your brand or your business that tells the audience or ‘your potential clients’ about your product or service and its benefits directly, which usually is played in the commercial time between a television program. Watch the below samples and see the latest direct TV Advertising we have produced for businesses.

Video Ad Samples

Without a doubt, every business organization needs advertising or sort of content to send their promotional message out to individuals, or other organizations. Video is the most powerful promotion tool to promote your business. It is a package of footage, pictures, effects, text, music, voice-over, etc. and it can give a lot of information to the audience in a short timeframe. With social media power, you can send your business message through a direct or Indirect video promotion to the audience and connect your business with new customers. Video boosts your search engine rankings on the internet and is an effective way to increase customer engagement. Watch the below video to learn more about our Video Ad services. 

Sponsorship Samples

When you are watching TV, you may not realize indirect advertising. Indirect advertising is not telling the audience to buy a product or service, but it makes the audience feel interested in a product or service. For example, on a cooking show, the chef uses a food product and generally talks about the benefits of that special product. The Audience memorizes it and when they are shopping for the food recipe, they look for that special product and the brand the chef was using in the cooking show. Below you can watch a few examples of indirect advertising and know more about our previous sponsors who advertised their brands on our shows.

Subtitle Ad Sample

Subtitle Ads or pop-up ads are the most affordable advertising way on a TV channel. We produce up to 5-second animation Subtitle Ads for your business and publish them alongside our programs to receive thousands of views. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of our Subtitle Ads services.


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