Invoice Terms and Conditions


This Terms and Conditions of Invoices is entered into effective as an ‘AGREEMENT’ between the below ‘PARTIES’, with respect to the media production and/or promotion broadcasting or publishing services, the ‘SERVICE’, as defined below.


IMAJH Ltd, TV2 Australia Pty Ltd, Tel: 1300 002 777, Address: Level 33, 264 George Street, Sydney 2000, NSW, Australia and TV1 America Ltd Tel: +1 888 838 4455, Address: Level 28, 633 West 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90081, USA which at this agreement is called ‘COMPANY’.


And, the other party (company or individual client who received an ‘INVOICE’ for the SERVICE that COMPANY has been provided or is providing), which in this agreement is called ‘CLIENT’.


1. The CLIENT agrees that they received the AGREEMENT attached to the INVOICE and/ or by clicking on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link under the INVOICE that has been provided by the COMPANY.


2. The CLIENT’s contact details such as their business name, business number, name of the business manager or owner, telephone numbers, addresses, and all the information of their business which has been provided on the COMPANY application form or SERVICE packages is true and it’s not misleading.


3. The CLIENT agrees to all the Terms and Conditions of the INVOICE and read and accepted this AGREEMENT for the SERVICE provided by the COMPANY before making a deposit payment.


4. The CLIENT agrees to pay the INVOICE amount on the agreed date to the COMPANY’s bank account.


5. The CLIENT agrees the first deposit made for the INVOICE is an electronic signature of this AGREEMENT and accepts the COMPANY Terms and Conditions, and confirmation for booking the SERVICE.


6. The CLIENT agrees to check all the details on the INVOICE before making the deposit (payment signature) and if there are any quotations or anything is unclear on the INVOICE, make sure to ask their questions by email, before the booking.


7. The CLIENT agrees that the COMPANY can use the CLIENT business name, business logo, business team name, voice, and/ or footage of the SERVICE and on any social media platform for the CLIENT promotion and has the COPYRIGHT of using the CLIENT media materials.


8. The CLIENT agrees to make the INVOICE payment on time as agreed payment dates on the invoice otherwise the COMPANY will add the late fee on the INVOICE as below:
i. If the CLIENT is not paying the INVOICE amount as agreed on payment dates on the invoice, the first late fee would be $250 for notification to the CLIENT and COMPANY office fees.
ii. If the CLIENT ignores the first late fee and still does not pay the INVOICE amount, then up to 30% of the invoice amount could be added by the COMPANY as a second late fee and breaching the AGREEMENT.
iii. If the CLIENT is not paying the INVOICE amount as agreed payment dates on the invoice, any discount or special offer will be removed from the INVOICE, and the CLIENT must pay the actual service costs with the late fees.
iv. If the CLIENT is not paying the INVOICE amount as agreed payment dates on the invoice, the collection company fees, legal collection fees such as a lawyer, and the court fees up to $100,000 will be added to the INVOICE.


9. The CLIENT agrees that after booking there will not be any cancellations for the INVOICE and the SERVICE, and if the CLIENT is breaching the AGREEMENT then he or she must pay the late fee as the above item.
i. If for any reason the CLIENT needs to cancel the contract then they can send the cancellation request to the COMPANY. In this case, there will be no deposit or payment return made by the COMPANY to the CLIENT and a cancellation fee might also be added to the INVOICE.


10. The CLIENT agrees if any problems or issues arise in the future in the AGREEMENT or if any of the PARTIES did not fulfill its obligations and it’s not resolved through negotiation, then arbitration courts should be given by the Australian law for TV2 Australia Pty Ltd and IMAJH Ltd and carried out in Sydney, Australia. And United States of America law for TV1 America Ltd will be carried out in California, USA.


As mentioned in item 5, the first deposit made for the INVOICE is a signature of this AGREEMENT.


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