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Crystal Diaz is a television producer and presenter who was born in 1995 and began her professional career by starting her first TV show called THE EVENT in 2017. She was a talented person and her interest made her study and learn filming, editing, producing and become a star in the media industry. Crystal took the opportunity from TV2 Australia to create her own TV show and her passion, confidence, and dedication towards her work made her become a star on this network. Crystal would love to showcase her talent in new projects and work with the media industry professionals worldwide.

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The Event Show

A Program For Party Lovers!

TV2 AUSTRALIA brings you the most popular and exciting event news and showcases the event’s most magical moments. Our presenters from all over Australia give exclusive interviews with the organizers and the audience giving you an up close and personal look both at the event and behind the scenes. THE EVENT goes inside beauty pageants, the most popular nightclubs, fashion shows, and more from all around Australia. Keep on top of the action and know what events are happening in your city by watching the latest episodes of THE EVENT on TV2 AUSTRALIA!

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Produced By: Crystal Diaz

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