IMAJH Community

Over Two Decades Being With You!
IMAJH Corporation was established in the year 2000, with the goal of supporting artists, and the media industry. After working over 22 years on multimedia projects internationally, today thousands of people know about IMAJH or in some way are part of our network as talents, students, stars, media professionals, or audiences, which is a great gift to our corporation. With the power of the IMAJH Network and the support of our Community members, we would like to be more active and positive for the global society. As Media is an important subject in the global educational system and media professionals could be similar to the teachers in the schools, teach and support societies for positive results, we would like to use our power by supporting our community members in this great network. We have opened doors for talents and students of all ages and levels to join our network, or learn about the media industry and upskill their techniques, put them into practice, and make positive, and effective life decisions for their future goals. IMAJH has also opened its arms to the stars by providing the opportunity of broadcasting their content on its platform and for its community. You can find out more about the IMAJH community services at the subcategories below.


From The Start To Be A Star!
Everybody is naturally gifted with talents that may range from creativity to athletic abilities. So, if you are a talented artist, actor, musician, or have other talents and would like to take your career to the next level, then you are at the right place! You can create and design your FREE portfolio on IMAJH Talents Website, with photos and videos in a few simple steps. Once you showcase your talent and catch the eyes of hundreds of casting professionals, we promote you to the thousands of fans who would love to see new faces.


We will Teach you Ins and Out of Media!
IMAJH College Team has a range of courses that not only can help talents who would like to be stars but also be beneficial for those who would like to work with industry-related professionals in society. The courses start with Life Planning, Personal Development, and Branding to help you identify the skills you need to assess your life goals and purpose, raise your confidence, and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life, and become a Role Model for others in society. Start to create a better version of yourself by enrolling in our valuable courses.


Become A Star on Our Screen!
We are in the business of creating celebrities. Our media production company not only produces hundreds of content every year but also owns a few worldwide television channels which provide great opportunities to those who dream big and would like to publish their own TV shows and programs for our worldwide audience. IMAJH is giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR shows seen and heard. So keep innovating your talents, ideas, and skills to build your physical and social image and develop an idealized version of yourself.

Join Us

At IMAJH we have many jobs available for artists and talents. If you are interested to be part of our creative team, then please follow our social media for job news or simply search the below job listings:

Sydney, Australia

TV2 AUSTRALIA is looking for new employees to be part of our team. There are a few full time and part-time available positions:
– Commission Based Advertising and Sponsorship Salesperson
– Parttime Cameraman and Editor

If you are interested to work with us and join our team apply now on the link below or by sending your CV & your portfolio to:

Washington DC, USA

TV1 AMERICA is looking for a news presenter with the producing skills who is patient in reporting the real news from all over the country for our channel every week.

This role is for a smart good-looking female who is interested in fame, making connections with the government departments and interviewing the politicians. You can apply for this role now by sending your CV & your portfolio to or from the link below.