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Watch IMAJH everywhere!

IMAJH is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of Live TVs, TV Shows, Movies, and Videos on thousands of internet-connected devices. You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want as there’s always something new to discover, and new TV Shows and Movies are added every week!

IMAJH Channels

Our Lifestyle, entertainment, and News Channels

IMAJH has a range of exciting lifestyle, entertainment, and news channels that broadcast worldwide from our studio in Los Angeles, USA. Our producers are people who have a passion to create interesting and unique content for our worldwide audience and showcase their art and talents to you. If you feel that your interests and perspective on life are not represented in today’s media, look no further as IMAJH is the platform that you would like to join, because it’s giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR favorite shows, seen and heard. You can watch IMAJH programs via our Live channels on the link below, or on-demand on our website and social media platforms.

IMAJH Company

We Create Your Imagination!

IMAJH Limited is a creative World Media Company with a diverse team of enormous talent and creativity. We have expertise in Media Production, Event Organisation, Talent Management, and Broadcasting. We’re storytellers, the people who put magic in the message using today’s creative media as a catalyst for change. The IMAJH website and our live TV channels not only bring our company products to the audience, but also collaborate with the producers, and third-party production companies to bring the best programs to your screen. Moving ideas, moving products, and moving audiences to action.

Media Production

We’ll create Video and Animation ideas to your IMAGINATION.

We surround our clients with 360 degrees of creative media solutions to integrate messages across multiple communication media channels and send those messages anywhere or everywhere. We create Commercial Ads, Music Videos, Live Event Videos, Web, and Interactive, In any medium platform or format.

Event Organization

Let us manage your event similar to your dream!

Whether you are after a corporate conference, an exhibition or trade show, a themed or gala dinner, every event is a performance expertly orchestrated by our professional event team. We love a challenge and welcome the opportunity to think outside the square to create something unique and special for you.


Create your own TV Show and broadcast it!

We give the opportunity to the producers to create and produce exciting and unique content that can be entertaining, educational, and inspirational and broadcast your show on our worldwide television channels. We believe in the power of ideas to produce results and focus on bringing imagination, value, and premium quality to our Audience.

IMAJH Community

Over Two Decades Being With You!

IMAJH Corporation was established in the year 2000, with the goal of supporting artists, and the media industry. During the past 23 years and working on multimedia projects, thousands of people including talents, students, stars, media professionals, and audiences have been part of the IMAJH network.

We strongly blive that the IMAJH Network is one of the most powerful, well-known, and supportive Media Industry Communities, and it could not be possible without our great members!

The IMAJH community’s aim is to support our members by providing educational and work opportunities to those who would like to grow with us in this great network. We have opened doors for talents and students of all ages to join our network, learn about the media industry, and upskill their techniques by putting them into practice.

So if you would like to become a celebrity or produce your own shows for developing your fame and financial benefits, or support people with your talents, then you are welcome to IMAJH Community.


We will Teach you Ins and Out of Success!

IMAJH College Team has a range of courses that not only can help talents who would like to be stars but also be beneficial for those who would like to work with industry-related professionals in society. The courses start with Life Planning, Personal Development, and Branding to help you identify the skills you need to assess your life goals and purpose, raise your confidence, and lead to a more fulfilling, higher quality life, and become a Role Model for others in society. Start to create a better version of yourself by enrolling in our valuable courses.

Become A Star on Our Screen!

We are in the business of creating celebrities. Our media production company not only produces hundreds of content every year but also owns a few worldwide television channels which provide great opportunities to those who dream big and would like to publish their own TV shows and programs for our worldwide audience. IMAJH is giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR shows seen and heard. So keep innovating your talents, ideas, and skills to build your physical and social image and develop an idealized version of yourself.

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