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IMAJH is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of Live TVs, TV Shows, Movies, and Videos on thousands of internet-connected devices.

We collaborate with great producers, and production companies to bring the best quality programs to the worldwide audience via our 24/7 live television channels or on demand on the IMAJH website.

You can watch as much as you want, whenever you want as there’s always something new to discover.

About IMAJH Company

We Create Your Imagination!

IMAJH Corporation is a creative World Media Production Company with a diverse team of talents and creatives. We have expertise in Media Production, Event Organisation, Talent Management, and Broadcasting. IMAJH means imagination, and we are the people who bring imaginations to reality, by putting magic in the messages and using today’s creative media as a catalyst for changes. Moving ideas, moving products, and moving audiences to action is what we do all day and every day.

Media Production

We’ll create Video and Animation ideas to your IMAGINATION.

We surround our clients with 360 degrees of creative media solutions to integrate messages across multiple communication media channels and send those messages anywhere or everywhere. We create Commercial Ads, Music Videos, Live Event Videos, Web and Interactive, In any medium platform or format.

Event Organization

Let us manage your event similar to your dream!

Whether you are after a corporate conference, an exhibition or trade show, a themed or gala dinner, every event is a performance expertly orchestrated by the professional event organizers at our team. We love a challenge and welcome the opportunity to think outside the square to create something unique and special for you.


Create your own TV Show and broadcast it!

We give the opportunity to the producers to create and produce exciting and unique content that can be entertaining, educational, and inspirational and broadcast your show on our worldwide television channels. We believe in the power of ideas to produce results and focus on bringing imagination, value, and premium quality to our Audience.

About IMAJH Community

Over Two Decades Together!

IMAJH Company was established in the year 2000, with the goal of supporting artists, and creating unique productions for the audience. Being in the media industry internationally over the past two decades and creating a number of multimedia projects, created our strong community with thousands of talents, students, artists, and media professionals. At the IMAJH community, we support our members through our educational programs. We search, find and manage talents, upskill their techniques by putting them into practice, and provide the broadcasting opportunity to those who are interested to become new stars or professional role models in the global society.


From The Start To Be A Star!

We are directing a highly successful talents agency and academy, which has a great selection of fashion models, actors, musicians, etc. with a diverse range of looks and experience in the fashion, film, television, and advertising industry. If you would like to take your career to the next level, then you can create and design your FREE portfolio on IMAJH Website, in a few simple steps. Once you showcase your talent, we will support you to catch the eyes of hundreds of casting professionals and become a STAR.


We will Teach you Ins and Out of Media!

We have a range of courses that not only can help talents who would like to be stars but also are beneficial for those who would like to work professionally in modern society. We start our courses with Life Planning, Personal Development, and Branding to help you identify the skills you need to assess your life goals and purpose. Then we will support you to raise your confidence, lead you to a more fulfilling, higher quality life, and help you to become a Role Model for others.


Become A Star on Our Screen!

We are in the business of creating celebrities. Our media production company not only produces hundreds of content every year but also owns a few worldwide television channels which provide great opportunities to those who dream big and would like to publish their own TV shows and programs for our worldwide audience. We are giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas, and YOUR shows seen and heard.