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The COMMUNITY TV Show is a new program that supports everyday people from different Ethnicities in New Zealand and Australia. In each episode, our presenter is getting closer to a New Ethnic Group and interviews the people with Talents, Arts, and Experiences to showcase different Nationalities, and Cultures within our multicultural society.

The goals of this educational and entertaining program are to create friendships and activities between the communities, link different ethnicities and groups to each other, and talk about social opportunities that each ethnic group can provide to our country for positive results for all.

In the first episode, we’re going to know more about the Persian New Zealanders and will learn a little bit about the history of Persia, New Zealand, and experience Persian culture, cuisines, music, etc. This is an interesting show and it will bring positive benefits to the audience, so stay tuned to find out more about the Persian community in New Zealand.

The COMMUNITY is presented by: Sam Phoenixia