Time Slot Application Form

Tell us more about your TV Show in a few line
The Time Slot Application Form is for communication between our team and the applicant (You) for office purposes or any future legal purposes for the third parties. By completing this form you are accepting and agree to the IMAJH company Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy. (1) All the information I have provided on this application form is true. (2) I will sign the copyright agreement with my production company, production team, and those involved in my TV show. (3) I will provide all the correct information to my sponsors or businesses that advertise on my show. (4) IMAJH company can decline my application form for any reason. (5) Once my application has been approved by the IMAJH company, I must sign and send back the Time Slot Agreement within 48 hours. (6) Once the Time Slot Agreement has been signed, it cannot be canceled and, if I bridge the agreement, I may have to pay the cancellation fee. (7) I cannot use IMAJH or any of the TV channel's name and logo on any documents or digital platform until my agreement has been signed with IMAJH. (8) After broadcasting my TV show on the IMAJH channels, I cannot remove the program and any published materials related to my show. (9) I accept the IMAJH company Terms and Conditions of Agreements and Invoices. (10) IMAJH company and its TV channels are not responsible for my TV show's budget and, it is my responsibility to pay and clear the production cost to the third parties. I should pay my TV Show cost through the advertising and sponsorship budget I receive from the businesses, my sponsors.