Fashion Modelling Workshop

Enrol in our model workshops for step by step instructions about fashion runway, commercial print, film, television, and much more.

We are always looking for new faces to join our academy to be ready to shine in front of our cameras or on our stages. Our dedicated team of agents will only be more than happy to welcome you to the glamourous world of fashion!! Ensuring you receive the right education and guidance all the way to the pinnacle of your successful and lucrative modeling career.

Your introductory ‘Class 1’ will teach you the fundamentals of preparing yourself in Becoming a Model. At this workshop, you will learn three theoretical and three practical topics. Upon completion of ‘Class 1’ and getting to know you better, we will be able to better direct you in the most suitable career path that most suits your personality and appearance. After the completion of the full workshops, you will receive:

Our course modeling book.
Digital photo and video album for your portfolio.
An international modeling certificate.
Your first modeling contract.

Below you will see a complete workshop layout comprising all 6 classes:

Class 1. Preparation
‘Becoming a Model’
Topic 1: Mastering the basics of modeling
Topic 2: Understanding portfolios and agencies
Topic 3. Navigating a modeling career

Class 2. Style
‘Creating your style’
Topic 1. Identifying your style
Topic 2. Shopping for you
Topic 3. Dressing your style

Class 3. Face Style
‘Hair & makeup to suit your style’
Topic 1. Hairstyles
Topic 2. Makeup
Topic 3. Health & Beauty

Class 4. Acting
‘Camera presence’
Topic 1. Photography
Topic 2. Film

Class 5. Stage
‘The International Stage’
Topic 1. Arrival at a show
Topic 2. Fashion catwalk
Topic 3. Pageant choreography
Topic 4. Etiquette and Finishing school

Class 6. Revenue
‘Creating your wealth’
Topic 1. Promoting in the Modeling Industry
Topic 2. Get a job and Sign a Contract

Class 1. Preparation
‘Becoming a model’

At this workshop you will learn the three theoretical topics which are:
Mastering the basics of modeling
Understanding portfolios and agencies
Navigating a modeling career

Along with other practical topics such as:
Fashion catwalk
Posing for the camera and media
Public appearance

On top of this you will also receive:
We will welcome you with drinks and food
A t-shirt and swag of other gift vouchers
One set photoshoot for your portfolio
A short video introduction for your portfolio
Your first comp card for your advertising
A fun filled and friendly day with lots of career advancing information surrounded by influential industry leaders and newcomers sharing your same passion – Fashion!